Principle: The management of parental fees in the service endeavours to reflect best practice with regard to the forecasting of the budget costs for the provision of a quality early years’ service and to ensure the long term sustainability of the service.

Learn about KCCC Childcare fees below.

Prices may be subject to change.

Prices are calculated over a 52 week year. Monthly prices are calculated by multiplying by 52 dividing by 12. All reductions for NCS, CCSP and ECCE are applied on an individual basis dependent on the family application. 

Here are our fees as published for Pobal Compliance.

Childcare Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 (Síolta Standard 10: Organisation) (National Standard 1: Information, National Standard 2: Contract)

Statement of Intent:

This policy applies to all parents/guardians who use our service for their children.

Policy and Procedure:

The following practices set out the fee policy.

General Fee Payment Information:

Parents/guardians are required to sign a Parent Agreement regarding fee payment:
• Fees must be paid monthly, in advance.
• Fees can be paid by standing order, cash (up to €500) or cheque.
• Fees must be paid to the ‘person in charge’ by cash.
• A receipt will be issued upon request.

Reviewing Fees:

• Fees are reviewed in annually by the management.
• Parents/guardians will be informed by giving service notice of increase in fees.
• Increase in fees each year will be related to the cost of living increases and/or exceptional cost circumstances.

Payments in relation to Holidays or Illness of the Child/Children:

• Parents/guardians will be required to pay for any days/weeks that their child/children do not attend the service.
• In the case of a long term, medically certified illness of a child, parents/guardians are advised to keep in contact with the manager on a regular basis. Further arrangements will be discussed with the Parent/Guardian.
• There is no reduction in fees for Public/Bank Holidays.

Late Collection of Child/Children from the Preschool:

Parents/guardians should note that due to legislative requirements under the Childcare Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 and Children First – Child Protection Guidelines. Two members of staff are required to be with the child/children.
• Parents/guardians are advised to keep within their agreed time for collection of their child/children for the above reasons. We require that all children should be collected by the designated time in order that the service may follow health and safety practices to ensure that the service may close safely.
• Please see the Collections and Arrivals Policy and Procedure.
• There is a Late Collection Fee of €10 after 15 minutes late.

Withdrawal of Children:

Parents/guardians sign up to agree in the Parents/guardians Fee Agreement Form that they will:
• Give notice, in writing that the child/children are leaving the service
• Give 4 weeks’ notice or pay 4 weeks of fees.
• Management also reserve the right to request that the Parent/Guardian withdraw their child/children from the service if they are not ‘settling in’ or adapting to the environment. The Management agrees to give two weeks’ notice of this to the Parent/Guardian so that they can make alternative arrangements.

Non-payment of Fees

• Non-payment of fees may result in loss of placement.
• A repeated failure to pay fees may result in suspension or withdrawal of your child’s place until the matter is resolved.
• Any delays in payments must be discussed in advance and agreed with management.