Principle: Our ethos is to provide all enrolled children with the highest quality of care and commitment.


Childcare Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 (Síolta Standard 3: Parents/guardians and Families, Síolta Standard 4: Consultation, Síolta Standard 10: Organisation) (National Standard 1: Information, National Standard 3: Working in partnership with Parents/guardians or Guardians, National Standard 4: Records, National Standard 7: Complaints, National Standard 11: Child Protection)


Statement of Intent:

It is our policy to welcome children’s and parents/guardians views in the development of the service. Our children/staff/parents/guardians have the right to voice their opinions and concerns. It is our policy to welcome all suggestions, or comments in relation to our service any comments or suggestions can be made to any member of staff. We will give careful attention and prompt and courteous response to any suggestions, comments or complaints.


What is a Complaint?

A complaint can be defined as an expression of dissatisfaction, made by a parent, member of public or partner agency/organisation. Complaints may be made by a parent, in writing, by phone, in a face-to-face meeting or by a third party acting on behalf of the parent, member of public and partner agency.


Policy and Procedure:

• All complaints must be made to the manager.
• They will be dealt with in an open and impartial manner.
• The complaint will be documented and remain confidential.
• The complaint will be investigated to assess if the service has breached our policy and procedures document.
• Every attempt will be made to resolve the matter as quickly and amicable as possible, and to the parents/guardians satisfaction.
• If agreement cannot be reached, the parents/guardians must make a formal complaint in writing to the person in charge.
• The parent will be sent an acknowledgement that the complaint has been received and told how it will be dealt with, by whom and within a time frame specified by the person in charge.
• The person in charge will keep dated records summarising what was said and by whom.
• In the case of a complaint made against a Staff, the staff member involved will be informed that a formal complaint has been made and given full details.
• The person in charge will arrange to meet with the staff member and discuss the lodged complaint.
• The person in charge will keep a record and document what was discussed.
• The person in charge will review the complaint and consider all the relevant information as discussed and a decision will be made and recommendations if necessary.
• If a parent is not satisfied with the outcome, they may make a further written request to the Board of Directors. Details are available on the Parent Notice Board.
• If a complaint involves a child protection concern, a separate reporting procedure will be followed in line with our child protection policy.
• The person in charge will inform all parties involved of the outcome of the complaint made.
• If a resolution is not found the complaint is forwarded to the Board of Management for further review. If a resolution is not found within a further 28 days, the complainant will be advised on the options to complain elsewhere.
• Or if a resolution is not found the manager will refer the complainant to an appropriate external agency.
• Complaints will be kept on file for 2 years and are open to inspection.


Preventing Problems:

When a service is one that cultivates respect for differences, fosters and promotes dialogue between home and preschool and creates an overall sense of warmth, kindness, and high expectations for learning and behaviour, problems can be kept to a minimum.


We aim to:

  • Keep parents/guardians informed on a regular basis about their child’s progress and social-emotional growth. Inform them of any behavioural concerns.
  • Never use sarcasm with children or parents/guardians.
  • Include parents/guardians in activities to the greatest extent possible.