AGE GROUP: 1 to 2 years

RATIO: 1:5

LOCATION: Ground floor, KCCC

The Toddler Room is a very loving, nurturing and caring environment and our team understands the importance of this age group for developing a good foundation for all areas of development.


What is the day to day routine in the Toddler Room?

On any given day the Toddler Room follows a schedule that includes snack times, sleep times, stories and nursery rhymes, activities such as dancing, painting and craft, and outdoor play. Our curriculum is flexible and based on our children’s interests in accordance with Aistear and Síolta. Our room enjoys lots of sensory play with sand, water, rice, pasta and foam, which is important for children’s sense of discovery and exploration.

How does the team communicate with parents and guardians?

Our team provides parents and guardians with a daily report sheet to provide information about your child’s day and any issues that may have arisen. We also make sure we speak to parents at each drop off and collection time. Parents and guardians can now also access up to date information regarding their child’s activities and progress with the Child Paths system.

What should I send to the Toddler Room with my child?

Nappies and wipes, nappy cream, a change of clothes and any special creams or lotions in the event your child suffers from a skin condition.

How do I apply for a space?

Places in the Toddler Room are offered on the basis of half days (morning session 7.45am – 1.30pm OR afternoon session 1.30pm to 6.15pm) or full days (7.45am – 6.15pm) for 52 weeks inclusive of all mid-term breaks and the summer holidays. For full terms and conditions please refer to the Centre’s Parent Handbook.

To apply for a space for your child complete the application form and contact the Centre Manager. Please note once your place at the Centre and commencement date has been confirmed that payment must be arranged in advance from the date of commencement.

Unfortunately, due to extensive waiting lists, we are not able to hold your place if you change your mind, without payment to cover the period between your KCCC offered starting date and your actual commencement date. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.