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Kinvara Community Children’s Centre has decided to go paperless and signed up to use a communication platform called Little Vista.

Little Vista is a platform tailored for the childcare sector in Ireland. Little Vista is in form of an app that you, parents, will be able to download to your phones and communicate with the centre using this app. Once full training has been completed and the app goes live and it will be effectively in use, our WhatsApp for each room will be closed and Little Vista will be used as a primary communication tool alongside the direct phone lines into each room. 

Little Vista will allow you to see real-time updates on your child’s profile as they are being recorded throughout the day (sleeps, nappy changes, feeding/meals, daily activities, curriculum and more). The app will be also used to communicate observations, injuries and medication. Our paper forms will be replaced with the online forms. The app allows a digital signature and you will receive a push notification on your phone to alert you of same. Once the forms are signed, they are stored under your child’s profile in case you need to access them in the future.

Little Vista also offers a support with NCS, ECCE and other subventions. The app automatically keeps track of your children’s attendance. In case of an under attendance for the National Childcare Scheme, we will be able to notify you and come up with solution to avoid reducing claimed hours. The app also keeps track of the expiry date of the CHICK numbers and notifying ourselves and parents to apply for a new one in good time.

Ultimately, Little Vista will take all our paper forms away. Our registration forms, parental agreements and all forms are going to be online on the app stored under your child’s profile.

We are all very excited about this move as it will save us a lot of the time that it takes to handwrite all the forms. We will be able to communicate more promptly with you and it will all be saved and accessible on one platform. It will also give us more precious time that we will be able to spend on the floor with the children.

For the platform to work to its full potential, it is required that it is used by all families otherwise it is losing the benefits it has for the service.

To find more information about the platform you can visit their website here: or you can contact the management in the office.

Please see link below for a testimonial from a family perspective: