Dear Parents

We hope you have all settled back in the school year. With the weather taking a blustery turn, we would encourage warm clothes and coats for all children.

Just a couple of things we would like to highlight to ensure the safety of all children.

  • Drop Off: We would like to remind all parents that children need to be escorted to their rooms directly and collected. Older children/ young adults under the age of 18 are under no circumstances permitted to collect their siblings.
  • Gates: Please ensure that you close the gates behind you entering or leaving the main grounds or playgrounds. There are children who do enjoy making a break for it and closed gates help to slow them down.
  • Wall: It has been observed on occasion, a number of children walking on the boundary wall while holding a parent’s hand. While we encourage an element of risky play among the children here at KCCC, there are limits and walking on the walls at that height is just dangerous.
  • Door Access: Please do not encourage your children to press the button for the door release. It is out of reach on purpose as little hands are not meant to reach it.
  • Car Park: The carpark has become a regular cause for concern when it comes to the safety of the children in our care. We understand that everyone is eager to drop/collect their children each day however we must ask that extra care is taken while in the vicinity.
    • Use slow speed entering the car park.
    • Reverse into parking spaces where possible to give drivers a better view of the footpath and gate as some children are going ahead of their parents and can open the gate.
    • Turn off engines COMPLETELY.
    • Be super mindful of children in the car park.
    • Avoid parking in the Fire Assembly point.

We ask that if parents have any questions, concerns, or feedback that you please share it with us as we strive to create the best environment possible for your children.

Kind Regards

KCCC Management